“Thank you for such a wonderful sendoff. I had forgotten what I was like 8 months (less 3 days.) It was gratifying to hear that people had “felt my pain”. I was so centered on self that I thought I was a pitiful wretch that no one was listening to or even cared about. I am truly humbled that my misery had been of help to others. I had no idea until today. Now that I have found a new way of living – correction “LIVING FOR THE FIRST TIME – I just want share the my new found freedom and peace.

The Alumni Program will afford me the opportunity to pay back my debt to MARC for helping me heal. Earlier in the week I had another moving experience. While another current patient and I were prepping dinner, I told him my whole story, the story I told countless times in the recent pass that it had become almost a rote exercise. As I was telling it, I had to stop several times to gain my composure – on the verge of tears. Praying on it later, I realized that it was the first time I told my story without anger, resentment, self-pity and regret. It was like I was grieving for myself.

I can now let the past lie where it should – in the past . Just had to share. Gratitude fills my heart today. I will be ever thankful for the rooms of AA & Maryland Addiction Recovery Center programs, the fellowship of AA, the group and my faith community and especially my sponsor, therapists & doctors. All of whom have given me the tools I need for living. May God give me a long life”