Our Mission

It is the mission of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center to provide a safe, therapeutic environment offering the latest in evidence-based clinical care for our patients suffering from addiction and their families.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center’s purpose is to, directly and indirectly, help individuals, families, and communities suffering from addiction in whatever way necessary to support sustainable, long-term recovery and allow patients the opportunity to achieve a purpose-driven, high quality of life.

We at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center believe that it is our mission to be a community-based healthcare organization that offers the highest quality in direct clinical services but also aids those suffering from addiction and dual diagnosis issues nationwide by providing clinically-appropriate resources and referrals, community support, and educational and preventative platforms to further the understanding that addiction is a public health issue, that the stigma of addiction and mental health must be broken, and that recovery is possible.

Inside MARC Facility - Our Mission concept image
exterior of Maryland addiction recovery center - Our Mission

If you or a loved one need help, we are here to guide you through every step of your recovery. Call us today at 410.773.0500