September 2023: MARC Executive Director Sam Bierman featured on the podcast “A Therapist, A Buddhist, and You”

September 2023: MARC featured in Baltimore Sun Special Section “A Guide to Addiction & Recovery

September 2022: Sober October Highlights Health Benefits and Raising Money for Charity

August 2022: MARC Named #1 Treatment Center in Maryland in Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2022

July 2022: Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Epitomizes Leadership and Community Values

January 2022: MARC Named A Top Addiction Recovery Blog by Feedspot

October 2021: Maryland Addiction Recovery Center in NAATP’s Members Making News section

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October 2021: MARC Co-Founders Sam Bierman and Zach Snitzer named as Baltimore Magazine GameChangers of 2021