#OwnYourStory MARC Apparel

Every one of us has a story to tell. Perhaps you are a person in recovery from addiction, a behavioral health issue, or trauma? Maybe you were personally impacted by a family member’s struggles with addiction or mental health? You might be a doctor or a clinician that chose to help people overcome their struggles and be the best version of themselves? Whatever the reason, we all have our own story and sharing that story is the most powerful way we can continue to do our part to help others and spread a message of hope. 

The courage to #OwnYourStory doesn’t just empower you. It empowers your family and friends, your community, your critics, and the world as a whole. One person’s personal recovery has a lasting ripple effect far beyond what is seen. A similar impact is made when we have the courage to not only own our story but to share it with others and the world. Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we are proud of our story and grateful for the many people that played a part in it.

We invite you to take part in our campaign to #OwnYourStory through our apparel options. Look good, feel good, and open up conversation about your story that may help someone else find recovery or aid in breaking the stigma of addiction and mental health. Owning your story is the most powerful thing you can do, and the most effective tool in helping someone else.

“Owning your own story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.”

– Brene Brown