Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers a full continuum of care for the treatment of addiction, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders.

Every person suffering from addiction is different, has different needs, and requires different treatment options, so we offer multiple access points to care that include our long-term extended care Community Living Treatment Program, as well as day and evening Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment programs. All MARC treatment programs can be direct access points to initial care or utilized as next step aftercare options for an individual discharging from a detox, inpatient or residential treatment facility. Each of our programs include clinical services comprised of necessary group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and psychiatry, as well as important life skills and social development.

At MARC, we believe in a phased model of treatment: clients move through the phases of treatment based on their own progress and engagement in the treatment process. It is a well-established treatment paradigm that a patient suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, or substance use disorder is given the best chance of a successful recovery if they are gradually moved through levels of treatment under the care of a team of treatment professionals while appropriately being integrated back into their daily lives.

In our program, patients will gradually step down to less intensive levels of care as they learn, demonstrate knowledge, and practice tools and techniques acquired at each phase of treatment with the help of their primary therapist and under the care of the entire clinical team. After completing all levels of care, clients are encouraged to continue working with their primary therapist on an individually tailored basis to promote successful long-term growth in recovery.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs are licensed as dual-diagnosis capable, meaning that our staff is experienced in working with clients who are suffering from both a drug and/or alcohol problem and a co-occurring psychiatric illness, such as (but not limited to) depression and anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, and personality disorder issues.

For those patients suffering from opioid use disorder issues, we incorporate evidence-based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services through the oversight of our medical department, with the length of time on medication determined by our Medical Director or staff psychiatrist, individualized to the need of each patient.

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