Drug Assessments & Evaluations

Used to determine the degree of addiction in an individual, drug assessments and evaluations are the first step toward creating a personalized, effective treatment plan.

At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, alcohol and substance abuse evaluations are completed upon entrance into the program by certified addiction counselors, and treatment recommendations are based on the results of the comprehensive bio-psychosocial evaluation, scores on various standardized substance abuse screening tests, and the professional counselor’s insights and observations. Additionally, ASAM criteria are reviewed to determine the client’s psychosocial status, medical status, psychiatric status, and readiness to assume regular and active participation in the appropriate level of care.

If needed, a patient’s primary therapist or counselor are able to work directly with their lawyer or the court system in appropriate circumstances.

Performing an alcohol and substance abuse evaluation:

  • Determines whether an addiction is present
  • Determines the level of addiction in an individual
  • Assesses the individuals mental and physical health, including co-occurring disorders
  • Determines the extent to which the addiction has affected the persons life
  • Provides an introduction to the person’s life circumstances and story
  • Allows us to create an effective treatment plan tailored to the individual

Alcohol and substance abuse evaluation can aid:

  • Those seeking help and treatment for substance use disorders
  • Individuals concerned about their substance misuse
  • Parents or spouses worried about their loved one
  • Clinicians or medical professionals seeing someone that may have an issue with addiction
  • Those who have received a DWI or DUI
  • Court-ordered evaluations and assessments
  • EAPs, HR professionals or employers who want an employee to be assessed or evaluated regarding issues with alcohol and/or drugs
doctor taking notes on patient

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