“We are beginning to understand that addiction recovery is a process and we have learned a lot along the way. The first program our loved one completed included the use of Suboxone. We were apprehensive, especially since our loved one has a dual diagnosis, but this was one of the main treatment modalities used there. We were reassured that it was the treatment of choice for opiate abuse and not addictive. In our experience Suboxone was not “as advertised.” There were side effects and it was, in our loved ones words, “a nightmare to get off of”.

Unfortunately, after four years without substance abuse and two years post Suboxone, our loved one relapsed this year. Knowing what we now know, we were relieved to find that the approach at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is one of abstinence rather than the use of prescribed medication. This approach takes considerable time and commitment. The staff at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is absolutely behind both the patient and family and in our experience goes the extra mile to provide responsible/personalized treatment that included collaboration with our physician.

We recently found ourselves in a very challenging situation. We are indebted to Karen and Sam for the significant energy they put in to our loved one’s care. Their priorities clearly are about what is best for the patient, not what’s best for the business. Their commitment was exemplary. Without hesitation we would recommend this program to others.”