Individual Counseling

Aftercare counseling provides the client with continued support, even if the client feels ready to make it on their own.

We encourage our clients to continue individual counseling subsequent to successful completion of their recommended treatment program in order to improve their chances of successful recovery maintenance and to continue to gain insight about their life and the emotional challenges ahead.

At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we want to prepare you for a life free of alcohol and drugs, and believe that continuing to work with a therapist after treatment can be a great benefit to long term recovery.

Individual counseling allows the client to focus on him/herself and continue to be held accountable for their actions. It provides a safe outlet while the client continues to learn more about themselves as they change and grow through the recovery process.

Individual therapy is a place where those struggling with substance abuse can explore the deep-seeded psychological/circumstantial issues that may have caused their addiction in the first place, or are creating a barrier to recovery that the person has not yet been able to break through.

This is a highly individualized treatment plan that will help the person understand why they turned to drugs in order to self medicate and serve as a tool to achieve long-lasting, successful sobriety. One on one counseling sessions have proven extremely successful in helping people better understand and recognize what life events cause them to turn to drugs, and provide concrete methods for overcoming cravings and stressors.

Therapy Session in progress

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