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At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we understand that recovery is about utilizing your network in whatever location you may be.

After the continuum of care a lot of clients may be going back home or making a move and we want to make sure to enable and support the changes while reintegrating. If you are in Anne Arundel County before or after treatment we want to make sure that you have support in a recovery community.

Maryland Healing Network, a network of local therapists, treatment professionals, service providers, holistic healers, attorneys and other professionals that meet in the local Maryland areas of Towson, Annapolis and Columbia. Reaching out and partnering with therapist groups, individual therapists and addiction treatment professionals that co-host in each area, the meetings have become a place where those in the mental health and addiction treatment field and those providers whose work impacts and are impacts by the clients they see come together to discuss what more can be done, how to provide best-in-class practices, how to better and more effectively collaborate, how to find and best support self-care. Each group has organically taken a direction inspired by those professionals sin the local area and what they feel they and their local areas need the most. They laugh, they inspire, they grow, they discuss issues, they share information on their services, upcoming events, trainings and best practices.

For more information on The Maryland Healing Network, contact Mallorie Schwartzman at
443-578-6966 or

Safe Stations is a new program to Anne Arundel County that encourages those struggling with substance abuse to drop off their paraphernalia and get help to find treatment. Participants will receive a medical evaluation and immediate medical attention if necessary, and assistance in finding the best addiction treatment available. Find your nearest Safe Station here:

For those that have loved ones currently in treatment, are in recovery, or are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, the Caron Parent and Family Support Group provides lasting support and guidance. Find the next support meeting by visiting their website or contacting:

Maggie Doolan

If you are located in Anne Arundel County and are in need of comprehensive intensive outpatient treatment, MARC may fit your needs. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a clinically-driven treatment model based on individualized client needs and focuses on the treatment of drug addiction and substance use disorder, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. The IOP treatment program is composed of multiple group sessions, at least one weekly individual session with a Master’s Level primary therapist, psychiatrist sessions and family sessions. We conveniently offer morning and evening programs to meet each client’s personal schedules. Included within the IOP treatment program are several specialized therapy and counseling avenues designed to support the primary treatment program.
Anne Arundel County Intensive Outpatient Program: 410.773.0500

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health helps those in substance abuse treatment obtain the skills and resources they need to maintain a successful and sober life. If you are an Anne Arundel County resident, you can get a referral from the Department of Health to participate in the Recovery Support Services Program, which provides mentoring, recreational activities, job training, education assistance, and meetings.

Find the right addiction treatment to maintain long term recovery. Find sponsorship opportunities, monthly meetings, and other events that support a community driven, person centered approach to substance abuse recovery. Find more information by emailing them at
or visiting their website at

For immediate help in a crisis, call 410.768.5522
We offer several levels of care and access points to treatment for addiction and dual diagnosis. Patient’s receive evidence-based, individualized, patient-centered services based on clinical needs and treat addiction as a chronic condition. All treatment programs include:

  • Weekly individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy, coaching, support and guidance
  • Biopsychosocial assessments
  • Psychiatric care and medication management
  • Medical assessments and ongoing monitoring
  • Life skills training, development and support
  • Academic/Workforce Vocational training and reentry
  • Community-based personal recovery support
  • Substance Use Disorder education
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Alcoholics Anonymous
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Narcotics Anonymous
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If you or a loved one need help, we are here to guide you through every step of your recovery. Call us today at 410.773.0500