The Philadelphia Main Line, known colloquially as the Main Line, is a delineated historical and social region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lying on what once was the distinguished Pennsylvania Railroad’s Main Line, the suburban area runs northwest from Center City, Philadelphia, parallel to Lancaster Avenue. The railroad system had first connected the Main Line towns in the 19th century. This became the grounds for many prominent country estates, belonging to some of the wealthiest families in the area, for that time period. The Main Line accounts for much of Montgomery, Chester, and certain northern parts of Delaware County. The estimated population of the aforementioned counties is 1,576,271 (for both Montgomery and Chester Counties), and 1,603,797 for Delaware County. It is comprised of about 16 different towns within the counties, each of which is connected by the railroad.

Addiction Statistics In Main Line PA

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The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is continually addressing substance use, as a means of saving more lives and getting those to embark on the road to recovery. The community is working in tandem with partners to mitigate overdoses, increasing access to treatment at a residential treatment center in Main Line PA, and providing harm reduction services to decrease health risks for people living with a substance use disorder.

The need for professional intervention is what’s going to preserve the safety and momentum of the Philadelphia area at large. Between 2018 and 2019, deaths involving fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamines increased by 11%, 11%, and 37%, respectively. Yet, heroin remains the top drug of choice at admission to a residential treatment center in Main Line PA. In fact, more than twice as many admissions reported heroin as a primary drug vs alcohol, the next highest reported substance.

These trends and calls for change have not fallen on deaf ears. Much of Philadelphia has implemented initiatives like opioid guidance for clinicians, Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS), and free Naloxone training. The issues plaguing the community are overseen by The Substance Use Prevention and Harm Reduction (SUPHR) program. The mission is to prevent drug-related deaths and potential harm that stems from drug use.

Seeking Help From A Residential Treatment Center In Main Line PA?

SUPHR continues to collect and analyze the data on overdose trends, hospitalizations, and drug treatment programs. The efforts are a good start in leading the city’s effort to reduce drug use and improve access to help, but this is only the beginning for setting things in motion.

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