In November 2022, the first annual Global Exchange Conference will be held at Disney. This innovative conference will bring together professionals in the behavioral health, addiction treatment, mental health treatment, and wellness space for a first-of-its-kind interactive experience. Learn more below.


The Global Exchange Conference – for addiction, mental health and wellness professionals


The Global Exchange Conference 2022 (GXC2022) is an exciting, four-day conference of continuing educational presentations, experiential workshops, and events. GXC2022 brings together professionals and organizations from the mental health, addiction treatment, and wellness fields.


The conference will take place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL from November 1st to 4th 2022. It is a must-attend event for mental health and addiction practitioners, wellness professionals, recovery advocates, and influencers.


GXC2022 is dedicated to professionals who want to elevate their knowledge regarding therapeutic practices, treatment models, and the latest mental health, addiction, and wellness innovations.


Attendees will hear from over sixty renowned speakers including Deepak Chopra, Whoopi Goldberg, Gabor Mate, Rob Lowe, Dr. Peter Levine, and Dr. Richard Schwartz. Continuing education credits will number over 110 and encompass multi-disciplinary models and approaches in the tracks of mental health, addiction, and wellness.


The Mental Health Track


Mental Health track attendees want to expand their continuing professional development on topics including trauma, eating disorders, grief and loss, Anxiety Disorders, Personality Disorders, Attachment Disorders, suicide and self-harm.


This track delivers thoughtful presentations and workshops discussing cognitive behavioral modalities as well as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodrama, Psychedelic- Assisted Therapy and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.


The Addiction Recovery Track


Addiction Recovery Track attendees seek to broaden their knowledge of step-based, clinical and medical therapeutic modalities.


This track offers presentations on Addiction, Co-Occurring Disorders and Process Addictions. Presentations and discussions will examine treatment models, prevention and early intervention, experimental therapies, neuroscience, public policy and integrative service models.  We will examine the latest scientific approaches coupled with evidenced based modalities.


The Wellness Track

True wellness cannot be achieved without a balanced mind, body and spirit. However, most of the trauma and addiction world research and care has focused on the mind and the spirit, leaving the attention paid to the physical body trailing behind.


The Exchange Wellness track is designed specifically to address this, and not just in a “fitness” and “nutrition” sense. The Wellness track is a must for all attendees ready for a deeper dive into the full spectrum of physiological wellness.


The Wellness track will provide experts and programs presenting scientifically backed and evidence based professional development resources and transferrable skills focused on the physical body and applicable to all patient populations.


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