Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center we value the relationships we have with our colleagues in the field and understand the need for individuals, families and communities to be educated about mental health and addiction, treatment and recovery. We believe the more education takes place, the more stigma is lessened and the more people will look and find the help they need. We have started a “Guest Blog” segment that will allow experts in field to offer their insight on a number of different topics that will educate, enlighten and begin conversation. We hope you enjoy.

Wholistic Living


“Wholistic Living: Where Joy Comes Naturally”

Through extensive study of current research, I have learned how eating powerful whole foods, finding the right exercise and developing a spiritual connection brings true joy to your life. The wholistic approach to life will ease the daily challenges we face with family, work and recovery.

Eat Healthy
The importance of eating a whole foods diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits plays a big role to our state of mind. By incorporating healthy whole grains, reducing all of our processed foods and reading labels, we gain the knowledge of what we are putting in our bodies. Food is linked to mental health and addictions because what we eat affects our mood, hormone levels and general state of mind. In addition to a healthy well-balanced whole food diet, physical activity is critical. Getting regular exercise increases serotonin levels in the brain, elevating your mood and lowering stress. Exercise doesn’t have to be the traditional kind in the gym but anything that moves your body for at least 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week. Find something you like, listen to a book, podcast or your favorite Pandora station. Just move.

Spiritual Growth
When Wholistic Living works with clients we have them add in a very simple morning meditation time and incorporate prayer and a daily devotional. With a spiritual program including daily meditation, we can grow through the pain caused by addiction and mental illness. By doing this every day, you create discipline in your life and you get outside of yourself right from the start. It’s only a five minute daily commitment before you even get out of bed.

I envision a future where it is common knowledge that nourishing yourself naturally leads to a healthier, joyful life. It creates an environment for disease prevention and a connection of the whole being. This type of commitment allows the physical body, emotions and the spirit to come together in unity and we can accept ourselves (faults and assets), as the beautiful child of God that we are.

Wholistic Living
My goal is to support you in a highly focused, goal oriented, natural way, so you can take responsibility for your life in ways you can easily embrace. My individual lifestyle counseling program will enable you to prioritize your health in our over-scheduled and disease ridden culture. I will attentively coach and support you to develop a plan of action around your specific goals so you make small, manageable changes that result in significant improvements and lead to lasting changes in the way you feel. To help you be as successful as possible, I will provide frequent support and communication with you in the most convenient way possible to suit your schedule.

At the end of the day, I believe you are your own best health expert. The challenge is to learn skills to ensure you will live a life of relative happiness and find your true joy

Shelby John, LCSW-C, is a life coach/health coach based in Bel Air, Maryland. During her years as both a clinician and the mother of three children, Shelby uncovered her true passion for nutrition, exercise and all-around wellness and is currently pursuing a formal education as The College of Natural Health. Shelby’s goal as a therapist and life coach is to support her clients in a highly focused, goal oriented, natural way so that they can take responsibility for their own health in ways they can easily embrace. More information on Shelby and her services can be found at

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