Drug abuse by teens is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. Harder “street” drugs like heroin and cocaine are being used by teens at a younger and younger age. Synthetic drugs like Crystal Meth and Ecstasy (and variations of these drugs, like Molly) are being used more frequently by teens. Parents, educators and those within the community need to be keep up to date of teen drug trends in order to offer preventative education or treatment when necessary. There are many drugs available to teens, but a select few are considered the most abused drugs  by teens.

Here are the Top 5 Most Abused Drugs by Teens

  1. Alcohol

    Teen drinking if often looked at as “normal” or as a “right of passage”, but more and more teens are drinking at younger and younger ages. Emergency room visits for alcohol poisoning and teen drunk driving issues demonstrates this issue isn’t going anywhere soon.

  2. Marijuana

    Many teens view marijuana are “harmless”. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug amongst teens. Many view smoking marijuana as “not a big deal” because teens view marijuana as a substance that will soon be legal. However, marijuana potency is much stronger than years ago and edibles and oils are making this drug more and more dangerous.

  3. Prescription Drugs

    Many teens begin experimenting with “harder” substances by stealing prescription drugs likes opiates (Percocet, hydrocodone, OxyContin) or Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) from the medicine cabinets of their parents or family members. Often teens will mix prescription drugs with alcohol.

  4. Ecstasy

    Ecstasy, a synthetic club drug that in the past was used by young adults at raves and parties, has been making its way into the hands of teens. This is also the case for other synthetic drugs like Crystal Meth, Bath Salts and Spice. Many of these drugs are packaged and sold legally under different uses or on the internet.

  5. Heroin

    That’s right, heroin is now something that is making its way more frequently into high schools and even middle schools of America. For years looked upon as a street drug of the worse kind, heroin is now abused by everyone and that includes teens. Parents, teachers and communities should be especially concerned about the heroin epidemic currently plaguing the country and how that is making the drug cheaper and more accessible for teens.

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