We are excited to announce that Tara Pistorio, LCPC, CAC-AD, has recently moved into the new role of Family Therapist here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center! A member of the clinical team for the last four years, Tara was previously a Primary Therapist where she held a case load and delivered individual, group, and family therapy services.

“I am so excited for Tara Pistorio to move into the family therapist position here at MARC,” said Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C, Clinical Director at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center and former MARC Family Clinical Supervisor. “The care and expertise that she brings with her to this new position is incredible, and I am really looking forward to watching the MARC family program flourish with her in this role.”

In her new role as Family Therapist, Tara will focus on managing the treatment engagement of patient’s family members while receiving care in the MARC continuum. Working closely with MARC Clinical Director Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C, and MARC Director of Clinical Development Corinne Burnett, LCSW-C, as well as the MARC team of primary therapists, psychiatrists, and recovery support staff, she will provide family supervision to the clinical team, provide therapeutic services and support for family members of patients, and facilitate the preparation, execution, and follow-up to the monthly MARC Family Recovery Program (FRP), our 3 ½ day family intensive. Additionally, Tara will support the clinical team in facilitating psychotherapy groups, family therapy groups and individual sessions, identifying family members in need of additional support, and supporting family members to find their own recovery path while ensuring the family unit becomes an asset for the patient’s recovery process.

“I am very excited to move into the role of Family Therapist here at MARC,” explained Tara Pistorio, LCPC, CAC-AD. “I truly enjoy working with families and collaborating with the primary therapists to bring the best experience we can to the family work here at MARC. The family work we do here is vital to the overall recovery journey, and helps to educate, coach, and guide both the patient and the families on a path of recovery. MARC would not be what it is without the care and attention paid to the family dynamic and helping all members of the family system find their individual and collective paths to recovery.”

Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we understand the devasting impact that addiction, substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders have on both individuals and the family system. No matter how loving or supportive a family system is, addiction is a traumatic event that inevitably creates maladaptive coping mechanisms for both the individual in active addiction and the family unit as a whole. We understand that the family members of MARC patients need as much help and guidance as their loved ones. Therefore, we approach treatment as a healing process for both the patient and the family, and work in a dynamic team approach to help lead, guide, and support the entire family unit in a process of positive change and restructuring, healing, and recovery.

To learn more about family programming and support here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, please visit our Family Programing link here. (can we turn “here” into a hyperlink for this page: https://marylandaddictionrecovery.com/services/family-counseling/)

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