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Sobriety for Women: A great resource for women in addiction recovery

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is always looking to help promote great resources for individuals and families dealing with addiction or who are entering into a lifelong journey of recovery.

The web site Sobriety for Women ( is an amazing educational web site that offers a unique gender-specific take on issues affecting women in addiction, women in recovery and their family members. The web site offers educational and informative material on topics for women dealing with addiction, alcoholism, trauma and eating disorders. There also are a list of helpful resources, including gender specific substance abuse treatment services, eating disorder treatment, recovery houses and sober living environments and other similar resources.

Sobriety For Women is an online resource aimed at helping women in recovery from multiple forms of addiction. Millions of women across America suffer from addiction and addictive behaviors. At Sobriety for Women, not only do women in recovery get a voice, but the web site offers a platform for open discussion, insight on important topics by experts and a spotlight on the hope, the inspiration and the redemption exhibited by women in recovery all across the country.

We here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center believe in making you aware of important resources like “Sobriety For Women” so that they can be available when need be to our local community here in Maryland. Although Sobriety for Women is a national platform and educational tool, these tools certainly can be helpful to local women in recovery, women seeking recovery from addiction, their families and other supportive community members.

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