Maryland Overdose Awareness Week is this week and runs from August 28 through August 31st. August 31st marks the annual “International Overdose Awareness Day” and because this date falls on Labor Day Weekend in the United States, the state of Maryland has extended the observance to start on August 28th.

What Is Overdose Awareness Day?

Overdose Awareness Day on August 31st is a date recognized across the world to raise awareness of the drug overdose epidemic and to motivate change. The purpose for this annual day is to spread the message that overdose deaths are preventable, to remember and commemorate those people who have been lost or injured due to overdose and to acknowledge the grief felt by the families and friends impacted by overdoses due to drugs and alcohol.

Where Is The Candlelight Vigil?

All whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse, addiction, drug overdoses and/or addiction recovery in the local Baltimore area are invited to attend an Overdose Awareness Cay Candlelight Vigil at Towson Court House Square at 7:00pm on Sunday, August 31st. Come and remember and honor loved ones who have passed away from substance abuse, to encourage those still struggling with the disease of addiction that there is hope, to be thankful for those who have found recovery or just to be present to support and give strength.

Towson Court House Square is located in Baltimore County in Towson, Maryland and the street bordering Court House Square are Bosley Avenue, W. Chesapeake and W. Pennsylvania. For additional information, please call Toni Torsch of the Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation at (443) 554-6150 or email

If You Or Someone You Know…

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