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September 2nd: Signs Indicate County Comes to Grip with Drug Problems

Addiction Professional covers new signs erected in Baltimore County, MD to bring awareness to addiction and overdoses

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August 2019: Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Sponsors New Overdose Awareness Signs Erected Throughout Baltimore County

Baltimore County unveils signs to track opioid overdoses and deaths

August 17, 2019: Building a Treatment Organization Through Ethical Business Development Standards and Practices

MARC Co-Founder was interviewed with Alex Denstman of Ashley Addiction Treatment and Tom Walker of Encore Recovery, after their presentation at the NCAD-East Conference in Baltimore.

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August 2019: MARC Executive Director Sam Bierman honored as a Baltimore Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Class of 2019

This group of young professionals was chosen from a pool of nearly 500 nominations.

July 30, 2019: Good Times at the Blanchard Institute

MARC Executive Director Sam Bierman was mentioned in interventionist Louise Stanger’s Thrive Global article, for his talk during Recovery Awareness Day on July 26th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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July 17, 2019: Your Non-Scary Guide to Going to Rehab

MARC Co-Founder Zach Snitzer contributes to the Cosmopolitan piece “Your Non-Scary Guide to Going to Rehab”

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June 1, 2019: Relapse for Cash

MARC Director of Business Development Zach Snitzer was interviewed by The Fix’s Amy Dresner for the article “Relapse for Cash: How Patient Brokers and Unscrupulous Rehabs Prey on Addicts Looking for Help”

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May 21, 2019: Body Brokers Are Undermining Efforts To End The U.S. Addiction Crisis

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Executive Director Sam Bierman was interviewed in a new report by Newsy exposing the predatory practice of patient brokering within the addiction treatment industry, and discussed what measures can be done to stop the unethical, unscrupulous, and often illegal body brokering practices of many rehabs.