Each new year millions of people around the world make new year’s resolutions, typically firm decisions and determinations to improve in some way. Often that includes becoming healthier by eating better, working out or incorporating more exercise into their daily routine. It can include being a better person, a better husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter. It could include learning a new skill or hobby or spending more quality time with loved ones. It could also mean giving up something or stopping certain behaviors such as limited time with technology, giving up smoking or gambling. For many individuals that suffer from substance use disorder, often it includes the decision to stop misusing drugs and/or alcohol.


Regardless of whether someone is suffering from active addiction or is already living in recovery, the new year is a perfect opportunity to decide to make positive change and start a new beginning in your life. Such positive changes do not have to be typical resolutions such as being healthier or giving up smoking (although those are obviously great decisions) but it can also focus more broadly in terms of being more positive, more grateful and cultivating an attitude that aids in a helpful and less stressful life.


It is well known that a positive outlook impacts an individual’s life positively. An attitude of gratitude or thankfulness goes a long way into creating a high quality of life. So starting off the new year on a positive note by being more positive, grateful, thankful and looking on the bright side of things is an excellent way to create positive change in your life. Additionally, creating that positive outlook will go a long way into aiding you in beginning and following through on the other resolutions you may have or want to begin. A positive attitude will support changing to a healthier lifestyle, taking the necessary action to lose weight or become more fit, to eating healthier, to giving up smoking, drinking or substances or to curb other negative or detrimental behaviors.


Every year millions of people make resolutions, and many don’t follow through on them. Some fail because they don’t bring the right attitude to the task. If you want to eat healthier but hate eating healthy and complain about it all the time, you are bound to fail. However, if you bring a positive attitude and outlook to the task, you are supporting yourself in that journey and the odds are much better you will cultivate that into a positive behavior that will ultimately become habitual. The new year is a great time to start anew, to begin again or create positive change in your life. And it all starts with a positive outlook and attitude that will help support the positive change.


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