Beginning in October, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center will host a number of events titled the MARC Spotlight Series over the coming months. With many different rehabs and addiction treatment centers to choose from, it is often difficult for individuals, family members and loved ones, and even professionals working in the addiction treatment, mental health, and behavioral healthcare field to know which treatment center best meets a client’s needs.


The MARC Spotlight Series will highlight specific areas of expertise and differentiators within the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center treatment programs, to demonstrate effective approaches and specialties offered at MARC.


Each segment in the MARC Spotlight Series will offer three separate events, small in-person presentation events for local clinicians and addiction treatment professionals in both the Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania areas, as well as a larger virtual presentation open to a wider audience. Each of these will be held on different dates.


MARC Spotlight Series Topics

  • Collegiate Recovery Success, presented by MARC Collegiate Recovery Specialist Sarah MacDonald, CSC-AD.
  • Family Recovery Program (FRP), presented by MARC Family Therapist Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C.
  • Vocational Programming, presented by MARC Vocational Therapist Kyle Aaron, LCPC, M.Ed.
  • Trauma Treatment, Recovery and Support, presented by MARC Trauma Recovery Specialist Corinne Burnett, LCSW-C
  • Integrated Medical and Psychiatry, presented by MARC Medical Director, Alfred Forrester, MD, LFAPA


This series will highlight some of the important work MARC delivers to individuals receiving treatment in several areas that are vital to long-term recovery. Collegiate Recovery Success will look at how best to support patients in treatment that are still in school, looking to reenter higher education, or need academic support. The Family Recovery Program will highlight the importance of engaging a patient’s family and loved one’s throughout the treatment experience, and how to help family units restructure in a healthy way that best supports recovery outcomes. Vocational Programming will take a look at MARC’s comprehensive vocational program, and the need to best support patients in early recovery back into the workforce, being working professionals returning to careers or individuals that need basic workforce training and development. Trauma Treatment, Recovery and Support will offer a look at how MARC supports patients with trauma and the effective approaches of concurrently walking individuals to a place of healing from both addiction and trauma. And Integrated Medical and Psychiatry will offer a glimpse into how MARC integrates traditional medical care and psychiatric services into the treatment process to best support dual diagnosis patients with co-occurring disorders.


The hope is that this upcoming event series will highlight important areas within addiction treatment and some of the successful and effective strategies and approaches implemented at MARC to support high quality patient care. However, it is also to help offer education to clinical professionals in terms of overall effective treatment strategies within the addiction treatment field, so that they can find other high quality addiction treatment and co-occurring treatment care providers offering similar approaches and strategies, and make informed suggestions or recommendations to individuals or family members in need of drug and alcohol treatment.


For more information on the MARC Spotlight series, email MARC Director of Business Development Mallorie Schwartzman at


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