Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is pleased to announce the hiring of Kyle Aaron, M.Ed, LPC, as the new Vocational Therapist at MARC. One of the focuses of MARC’s extended care program is to appropriately prepare patients to search, begin, gain, and continue employment while still in treatment, to lessen any potential barriers and pitfalls related to their recovery once they leave MARC. MARC’s vocational programming is a phase system of support and implementation that patients engage in once ready to step down in clinical services and engage more in everyday life.


With Kyle’s extensive education and experience working with patients suffering from addiction, substance use disorder, mental health conditions, and co-occurring disorders through numerous clinical levels of care, he is an ideal person to lead and continue to develop MARC’s vocational program. Kyle’s pedigree, holding a Master’s in Education and as a Licensed Professional Counselor, makes him uniquely qualified to work with MARC patients in our vocational programming.


Kyle received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southeastern Louisiana University.  While pursuing his graduate degree, Kyle found his passion for working with young adults with substance use disorders providing counseling in an inpatient treatment setting.  Kyle then went on to work for St. Christopher’s treatment center providing group and individual therapy for clients and their families as well as working as a clinical director in the residential setting. Most recently, he was the Director of Outpatient Services there.


Kyle employs an integrative approach in working with clients using techniques from Psychodrama, Jungian Analytical Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Schema Therapy. He trusts the core of what brings about change is person-centered and existential through helping create a sacred space where clients can mobilize inner courage and curiosity to confront the human condition in a compassionate way. Kyle believes that finding a calling is an essential part of maintaining long term recovery. Kyle’s philosophy aligns well with the philosophy here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, where recovery does not necessarily mean sobriety, but quality of life that has direction, meaning, and purpose.


Kyle explained that why he made the decision to join the MARC family by saying “I joined the team at MARC because I’ve seen how critical it is to continue to provide support and coaching far beyond the first few months of recovery. It’s often when someone is stepping back into the arena of life that they need the most support, and it was really attractive to me how MARC stays so invested in their clients for the long haul.”


The extended care Community Living Treatment program at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is a long-term program that treats addiction as a chronic illness, removes barriers often related to traditional treatment models like stand-alone 28-day programs or 12-week intensive outpatient (IOP) models, and offers ongoing clinical care, life skills development, recovery support and monitoring to patients as they truly reintegrate back into the community and successfully begin to learn to live in recovery. MARC’s vocational programming is a vital piece in that MARC continuum for many patients, either those that need to learn job skills, those that need to recreate their lives, or those with careers that need to learn to navigate their jobs and employment in newfound recovery.


Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Clinical Director, Dr. Jennifer Richards, described her enthusiasm for Kyle joining the MARC family in the role of Vocational Therapist.


Dr. Richards said, “While Kyle is joining the MARC family with a solid clinical background and an impressive resume, including success at positions such as Director of Outpatient Services, Family Program Director, and Residential Program Director, I am most excited about the kind of thinker and collaborative team member he is already proving to be. Kyle has integrated so easily into the clinical team that it feels like he has been here much longer than several weeks! His strong work ethic, creativity, curiosity, and clear passion for really digging in deep with our patients and helping them to discover their values, foster self-worth, and find purpose as they gain independence through the vocational process make him the perfect person for the position.”


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