At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we are committed to providing patients with a continuum of care that includes addressing a patient’s educational and academic goals. Therefore, we have partnered with Caron Treatment Centers to implement their Caron College Success™ program here at MARC for all patients in our extended care programming that need educational support and are enrolling or re-enrolling in college.


The Caron College Success™ program at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center will be overseen by MARC counselor Sarah MacDonald and supported by Caron’s expert academic advisors, including Caron’s Executive Director of Collegiate Recovery Services, Jonathan Saltzburg. This program will help patients to clarify, define, and reach their academic goals while receiving treatment. Consistent with our efforts to deliver cutting edge recovery care support, this partnership with Caron will provide ongoing support for all patients engages in MARC treatment programs in order to appropriately integrate or reintegrate them back into an academic environment to continue their higher education.


One of the major issues for young adult patients entering treatment is that they often fall off the path of achieving their desired academic and educational goals. Often parents and other family members face ongoing anxiety surrounding this issue and can compare where their child is on their educational journey versus where their friend’s children are regarding higher learning objectives. The goal of this program is to align all parties on the same path for the identified young adult patient: getting them back on track academically in the safest, more appropriate and most supportive way so that they will be able to continue their recovery and achieve their academic goals and objectives. MARC collegiate staff work hand-in-hand with Caron collegiate staff to work with and support both the patient and family, while also working with identified academic institutions and their internal departments (collegiate recovery programs, counseling centers, admissions, and student affairs) are all onboard and aligned to best support the student’s reentry into higher learning.


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