At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we recognize how important it is for our patients to spend time engaging in recovery events and sober activities. It is important for individuals in recovery to take part in physical exercise to help reduce stress and anxiety. That has also been proven to improve an individual’s mood and mental health. Furthermore, we understand the importance of people new in recovery to create new, healthy social bonds and connections, to learn that recovery is about living life, and that it should be fun. Also, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, being helpful and giving back to something greater than themselves (a group, a community, a spiritual discipline) goes a long way in impacting their attitude, emotional health and well-being, connections to others, and a sustainable recovery.


Patients that are part of the MARC treatment program spend much of their time attending recovery events that are planned and executed by the local non-profit Rising Above Addiction. This non-profit organization was created in 2015 in Carroll County, Maryland in memory of Tammy’s son Rob who passed away from an overdose. It is the mission of Rising Above Addiction to bring awareness, support, and financial assistance in an effort to save youth and young adults from addiction, as well as to help educate families about the dangers of drugs and alcohol as an early intervention strategy. To further its mission, Rising Above Addiction puts on numerous recovery-related events and sober activities.


To get an understanding of some of the recent events that the patients at MARC have taken part in to begin to have fun in recovery, create meaningful bonds with others in recovery, and feel a part of a great whole and a larger community, here are three recent events put on by Rising Above Addiction that the MARC patients participated in:


May 18th, 2019: “Say Nope to Dope Walk”

Patients spent the morning with over 100 participants in the “Say No to Dope Walk”, walking down Main Street in Westminster, Maryland to raise awareness about the drug epidemic. Patients were able to meet other individuals in recovery and share their stories. Live music was performed by local hip-hop artists B Rain and Cloud Gang. There were a BBQ and games at the conclusion of the walk, so participants could enjoy a morning of recovery-based activities while educating local community residents and furthering awareness.


June 9th, 2019: “Running & Rising for Recovery”

MARC patients participated in either a 1-mile walk or a 5k run. Over 100 participants took part in this event. It was both a way to increase patient’s physical activity, meet new people in recovery, and continue to build a relationship with the local community. Following the walk/race event, patients got to enjoy social time with live music, carnival games, and food. Along with meeting new people in recovery, patients were able to interact with local families, many of whom had lost a loved one to the disease of addiction and share their personal journey of addiction and recovery.


June 16th, 2019: Softball Tournament in Memory of Kristin Spurrier

Patients of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center participated in a coed softball tournament with 10 other teams throughout Maryland, many of whom were also made up of individuals living in recovery from addiction. The patients were able to play in four different games against four different teams. During this time, patients were able to meet and interact with other sober individuals and were able to begin the process of creating new connections and friendships with others in the local recovery community.


It is our belief that by participating in these types of events, both put on by Rising Above Addiction as well as many others throughout the local area, that patients learn the importance of teamwork, physical exercise, and fitness, creating meaningful bonds and connection, and increase their fellowship. They also learn that recovery from addiction can be fun and enjoyable. Patients are able to form new bonds and strengthen existing ones outside of their treatment community, share their story, and learn from other’s experiences. It is our hope at MARC that when our patients successfully move on after their treatment experience that they have learned the importance of these connections and have created a strong network of individuals in recovery that will support them moving forward. We also hope that they have learned that recovery is not meant to be boring, or lonely, or uncomfortable, but rather a new existence filled with fun and fellowship and deep and lasting friendships.


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