Holistic Services

Holistic Services (Fitness & Nutrition)

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center believes that every person suffering from dual diagnosis and substance use disorder is in need of a truly holistic approach to recovery from addiction and that means incorporating a better quality of life through fitness and nutrition. Medicine is not enough and psychotherapy is not enough. A full mind, body and spirit approach is vital to sustainable recovery from the disease of addiction. To that end, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center has incorporated for those patients in the extended care Community Living Treatment (CLT) program a unique fitness and nutrition program through a partnership with local health and wellness company B-Strong Athletics LLC to offer fitness and nutrition training and support. This program, built into the regular treatment scheduled for Community Living Treatment patients, aids them in their journey from addiction into early recovery as they learn to incorporate a healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition into their everyday lives to support a healthy mind, body and spirit.
B-Strong Athletics’ fitness professionals work with patients both one-on-one and in group settings. Each patient is taken through an assessment to find muscular imbalances, discuss past athletic endeavors, weight management issues, past or current injuries, nutrition, and pain. These assessments give B-Strong trainers the opportunity to make custom adjustments to each patient during the workouts and develop individualized plans. Discussing the patients’ eating habits can help them to change their nutrition to healthier options. The results of a healthier diet include stabilized blood sugar, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and even reduced cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Patients are able and encouraged to meet with the trainers of B-Strong Athletics one on one to create a more customized program. Since the patients at MARC shop for themselves and exercise on their own, B-Strong trainers can provide grocery lists, meal planning, and workouts. Group workouts occur several times throughout the week and are designed to challenge patient’s bodies and minds. Endurance, strength, power, flexibility, and even meditation are all aspects of the training programs. Patients learn to work together and rely on one another in fun competitions and develop a stronger sense of community. Besides getting stronger, healthier, and more confident, people in recovery who exercise regularly and have a health nutrition plan also have greater success for long term recovery. B-Strong Athletics is invested in every patient and their recovery and strives to bring the best service to them every day.

About B-Strong Athletics, LLC

The mission of B-Strong Athletics, LLC is to improve the overall quality of life for those recovering from alcoholism, addiction, and mental health conditions. Persons in early recovery who integrate a proper fitness and nutrition program enhance their sobriety by decreasing symptoms of depression/anxiety/bi-polar, elevating overall mood, reducing chronic pain, developing a sense of community, improving body image and self-esteem, lowering instances of self-harm, and reducing cravings. B-Strong Athletics uses science-based methods to get clients real-life results and help them maintain their sobriety.


About Founders Josh & Elyse Buchbinder:

josh and elyseThe founders and trainers of B-Strong Athletics LLC, husband and wife Josh and Elyse Buchbinder, are the visionaries behind B-Strong Athletics. Originally from Maryland, Elyse received her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Salisbury in 2010 and her Associate Degree in Nursing from Howard County Community College in 2012. She is a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Russian Kettlebell Instructor. She also regularly writes for “Baltimore Outloud”, Baltimore’s LGBTQ Newspaper in the Fit For Life column. Josh received his Bachelor’s Degree in English from Towson University in 2005. He has coached Martial Arts and acrobatics before becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. He has also earned certifications in Corrective Exercise, Functional Movement, Kettlebell Training and Performance Enhancement. In 2013, Josh received his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania with Highest Honors. Both Josh and Elyse have previously worked for several large fitness companies and have learned the importance of incorporating a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition in their own individual personal journeys of recovery.


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