Holistic Services


Maryland Addiction Recovery Center believes that every person suffering from dual diagnosis and substance use disorders is in need of a truly holistic approach to treating the disease of addiction. Medicine is not enough and talk therapy is not enough. A full mind, body, and spirit approach is necessary. To that end, MARC has incorporated for those patients in the Community Living Treatment (CLT) program several holistic services and activities built into the everyday treatment schedules of each patient. MARC offers both yoga and a personal training/exercise program for each patient in CLT treatment. A healthy body is just as important to a person entering into recovery from addiction as a healthy mind and body both go hand-in-hand to support a healthy yoga holistic servicesspirit.


Individuals in MARC’s CLT program get to partake in yoga twice a week, on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yoga is a practice and discipline that acts as both physical exercise as well as a disciplined mental and spiritual practice. Each yoga class is a beginner’s class in nature and facilitated by MARC therapist Laura Hardesty. Laura is a CSC-AD licensed clinician but has also taught yoga for many years. Originally trained as a RYT Integrative Yoga Teacher, Laura is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-3000) from a Yoga Alliance. Previously, she held a registration with the International Yoga Therapist Association (IYTA).


Several times per week, MARC patients are able to get vital exercise from an experienced personal trainer to aid them in recovering physically from the toll taken on their bodies throughout their addiction. In order to provide the best in quality care, MARC has partnered with Doug Bopst, NSCA-CPT, Pn1, FMS Level 1, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Doug himself suffered from addiction and is now a person in long-term recovery who has used fitness to exponentially propel his career, life, and relationship with himself. He is a published writer and speaker, who is also passionate about helping others use fitness to improve their lives. Doug has appeared on television on WBAL, WJZ, ABC, and FOX45. He has been featured in many publications including the Baltimore Sun and Towson Times. He is the author of the book From Felony to Fitness to Free, which shows the power of a second chance and reminds people to remember how far they have come and not how far they have to go.

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