College Success

At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we are committed to providing patients with a continuum of care that includes addressing a patient’s educational and academic goals. The expert academic advisors of the College Success Program help patients to clarify, define, and reach their academic goals. Consistent with our efforts to deliver cutting edge recovery care support, we have engaged the expertise of Caron to implement their College SuccessTM Program and provide ongoing support for all patients engaged in MARC treatment programs.

What’s Included in our Support Services

A Collegiate Recovery Specialist will work to find programs that meets each patient’s unique needs and goals, while offering the support services and curriculum necessary for young adults to be successful in both recovery and academics. Aspects of support may include:

  • Arranging for medical leave for college students entering treatment
  • Helping students gain acceptance to a college or technical school
  • Supporting students in completing a degree started before entering treatment
  • Assisting in transferring credits and courses from prior study
  • Developing an educational plan, tailored by goal and grade level
  • Guiding students in creating a budget for the school year
  • Identifying potential scholarships to offset academic costs
  • Collaborating with the clinical and/or recovery teams to identify the best fitting programs, based on educational needs, career goals, and unique interests, which supports recovery and sober foundations
  • Providing advocacy for high school students in the areas of GED prep, selecting a tutor, course planning, reading lists, extracurricular activities, summer plans, jobs, scholarships, and community service

We provide

Expertise and resources needed for patients to be admitted into and graduate from:

  • High School
  • Vocational School
  • Public and Private Universities
  • Graduate School

How the program works

In order to make sure each patient’s treatment program is tailored to fit his or her needs, a thorough assessment is completed for each patient. If the Caron’s College Success program is a good fit:

  • Patients will meet with a MARC Collegiate Recovery Specialist to
    review available educational services and programs to create an
    individualized plan
  • Students will determine educational goals with the College
    Recovery Specialist, which will be reviewed, monitored and
    adjusted based on their progress throughout the program
  • Follow up appointments are scheduled based on the student’s
    individual plans, goals, and recommendations of his/her therapist


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