We are pleased to announce that Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C, formerly a Primary Therapist here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, will now assume the role of Family Therapist at MARC. As a Primary Therapist at MARC, Arielle managed a caseload and worked with patients in MARC’s extended care Community Living Treatment and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs. Now, her role will revolve around spearheading our Family Recovery Program (FRP) as well as offering additional support and clinical services to the families of MARC patients.


In her role as Family Therapist at MARC, Arielle will facilitate the monthly Family Recovery Program (FRP) and associated multifamily therapy sessions. She will provide consultation to the MARC clinical team on family-related issues, support ongoing family systems work, and directly participate in family phone calls and sessions as needed. Additionally, Arielle will continue to maintain relationships and connection with MARC patients in all levels of care through the ongoing facilitation of PHP and IOP psychotherapy groups. 


As one of the guiding principles of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we believe that in order to appropriately and effectively treat substance use disorder, the entire family unit must be addressed and supported. While we have always believed in engaging a family unit through the identified patient’s entire treatment experience and guiding and supporting family members to find their own path of recovery, we knew that a more robust family programming initiative was needed. Her passion for family work, her clinical work with families impacted by addiction, and her ability to identify, address, and heal family dynamics makes her a perfect fit for this new and exciting role. Arielle worked directly alongside MARC Executive Director Sam Bierman and MARC Clinical Director Dr. Jennifer Richards to develop our new Family Recovery Program (FRP.)


“Arielle’s transition to this new position within the clinical team has been an exciting time of growth for her and for MARC,” said Dr. Jennifer Richards, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Clinical Director. “I look forward to working with her closely to realize our vision of programming that will significantly enhance the treatment experience for our patients and families.”


MARC’s Family Recovery Program (FRP) is comprised of two main components: web-based multifamily therapy sessions and a 2 ½ day in-person intensive therapeutic experience. While families of current MARC patients are engaged by their loved one’s family therapist upon admission, family members will now also begin the process of engagement in MARC’s Family Recovery Program. Family members will work with Arielle through an online platform with a group of other current patient’s family members. These early sessions, in an effort to educate and prepare families for the upcoming family weekend, will provide psychoeducation in 6 areas including addiction, codependency, enabling, stages of change, attachment, and trauma. These sessions are interactive and allow for discussions, questions/answers, and processing.  Assignments are given to deepen an understanding of the content being discussed and to promote insight into family dynamics that require examination. 


Family members will then attend the in-person component of the Family Recovery Program with the same group they have interacted with online, co-facilitated by Arielle. Programming beings on a Thursday evening with a welcome group session as a MARC alumnus and their family share their story, experience at MARC, and message of hope and recovery, followed by an intimate dinner and time to reflect and relax. Beginning on Friday, family members will participate in experiential activities and group sessions through 1pm on Sunday. MARC patients will join in on some of the sessions during this time. Patients and family members will be given assignments and clinical interventions based on the work completed during FRP weekend, and a follow-up multifamily therapy session through Zoom will be scheduled with Arielle for later in the week. In addition to participation in FRP, families of MARC patient’s will engage in regular therapeutic work with their loved one’s Primary Therapist. As MARC’s new Family Therapist, Arielle will work in conjunction with a patient’s Primary Therapist to deliver comprehensive and collaborative services that best support individual recovery and family recovery. 


“Engaging family members so that they feel supported, understood, and like they know how to make the necessary changes in their lives to best take care of themselves and their loved ones is at the heart of the MARC Family Recovery Program,” explained new MARC Family Therapist Arielle Seidler. “We know that addiction impacts the entire family and I am so excited to a part of a program that can directly address the specific and important needs of the parents, siblings, children and partners of someone struggling with addiction.”

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