We are happy to announce some exciting changes regarding the leadership of the clinical team at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center! Recently, Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C, was promoted to the role of MARC Clinical Director, and Corinne Burnett, LCSW-C, was promoted to the ole of MARC Director of Clinical Development.

Arielle and Corinne have both been members of the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center family for over seven years, and both began working at MARC as primary therapists. Arielle moved on from her role as a Primary Therapist into the role of Family Therapist, where she helped to develop our family treatment services and, specifically, our Family Recovery Program (FRP). Most recently, Arielle’s role was as the MARC Family Clinical Supervisor. Corinne’s time as a Primary Therapist came to an end when she started in the role of Trauma Recovery Specialist, helping to develop a more integrated trauma-informed treatment approach throughout all of the MARC programs. Before stepping into her new role, Corinne worked as the MARC Trauma Clinical Supervisor, overseeing all aspects of MARC’s trauma programming, including experiential treatment modalities and Legacy Group.

As MARC’s new Clinical Director, Arielle will be responsible for the overall supervision of the MARC clinical team, including Primary Therapists, Vocational Therapist, and College Success Specialist. She will also oversee ongoing program development, and MARC’s robust family treatment services and support. Arielle will also step into a role on the MARC management team, working closely with leadership and directors on the overall management of the organization.

As MARC’s new Director of Clinical Development, Corinne will be responsible for the overall educational and training development of the MARC clinical team, including internal and external trainings, training initiatives, and educational development. Additionally, Corinne will continue to develop and enhance of trauma-based treatment and services at MARC. Alongside Arielle, Corinne will join the MARC management team to aid and support to overall operations of the organization.

As MARC has continued to grow and attempt to enhance and improve our clinical services, both Arielle and Corinne have taken on natural leadership roles, offering insight and innovation to our treatment and recovery services. We are thrilled to have them step into their new roles and excited to support their leadership of our clinical team. MARC has always prided itself on having a well-trained, sophisticated, and creative clinical team, and we are certain that through Arielle’s and Corinne’s leadership, MARC will only continue our tradition of a clinical mode that highlights ingenuity, a dynamic clinical approach incorporating multiple therapeutic modalities and approaches, integrity, and the highest quality of patient care.

If you or someone you know needs help for addiction or co-occurring disorder issues, please give us a call. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment in the Mid-Atlantic area. If we aren’t the best fit for you or your loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. Please give us a call at (410) 773-0500 or email our team at info@marylandaddictionrecovery.com. For more information on all of our drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorder services and recovery resources, please visit our web site at www.marylandaddictionrecovery.com.

Arielle Seidler and Corinne Burnett in front of MARC sign - MARC Clinical Team

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