Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we offer several programs and levels of care to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders. For local Baltimore County and surrounding Maryland residents, we offer comprehensive daytime and evening Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs.


The other program we offer is our long-term extended care Community Living Treatment (CLT) program. This program is meant to treat a number of different types of individuals: individuals that need robust and comprehensive extended care after detox or residential treatment, individuals that don’t necessarily require residential but need a step up in clinical intensity from an IOP and require stable living environment, or individuals with chronic relapsing histories that have done several stays in 28-day rehabs or residential facilities in a short period of time. An example of this may be an individual who has admitted to a residential facility several times within a single year.


How Does Community Living Treatment Work?

MARC’s Community Living Treatment program is a long-term treatment program that treats addiction as a chronic illness. As chronic diseases require long-term care, this model incorporates all areas of a patient’s life and offers clinical services, recovery support, accountability and monitoring, life skills development, family engagement, and outside community-based recovery pathways. By offering these vital pieces of the recovery puzzle, our Community Living Treatment program is meant to be the last treatment center a patient hopefully ever needs to go to, but slowly reintegrating the patient back into the community and into their daily activities (including school or career, family and social relationships, and personal recovery) while supported by MARC’s clinical, medical, and recovery support teams.


Community Living Treatment is a two-campus model where patients receive treatment for a minimum of 90 days, but for what often can be multiple months past that time.  As the patients learn and demonstrate healthy coping mechanisms, decision-making, and the ability to handle stressors, they begin to step down in clinical care and intensity slowly at an appropriate progression and reintegrate back into work or school, socially, and into a recovery community. This two-campus model allows for comprehensive clinical services, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and psychiatry, to take place at the 24/7 fully staffed MARC clinical campus, while living in a safe, organic living environment at the MARC Community Living campus. At the Community Living campus, patients live within the community, learning to create healthy social bonds, developing necessary life skills for independent living, and take passes with sober supports within the local recovery community to be developing their own personal recovery journey.


This long-term community reintegration model of care is meant to remove many of the traditional barriers to recovery that patients experience once discharged from a traditional, short-term 28-day rehab. They learn to try, to stumble, to fail, to thrive, and to succeed. They are able to stumble while still being supported by the team at MARC. They go through many of the difficulties that life throws at them, which often will lead to relapse on their own, but with the support of MARC, creating healthy attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and realizing necessary self-efficacy and success. In doing so, as the MARC clinical treatment program is slowly lessened and more freedom is given, patients begin successfully living life in recovery, while still receiving necessary treatment and clinical support. Over time, patients begin living their normal life while in treatment, so that when they successfully discharge, their lives are already thriving, and they are already successfully living life in recovery.


If you or someone you know needs help for addiction or co-occurring disorder issues, please give us a call. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment in the Mid-Atlantic area. If we aren’t the best fit for you or your loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. Please give us a call at (410) 773-0500 or email our team at [email protected]. For more information on all of our drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorder services and recovery resources, please visit our website at

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