Having worked in the addiction field for over twenty years, I have worked and collaborated with very few treatment centers as compassionate, thorough, and clinically insightful as MARC. While I was the staff psychologist at the internationally, eminent addiction treatment program Father Martin’s Ashley, I became familiar with many treatment centers across the United States.

It is clear that there is significant variability in client care and individualized treatment is lacking. Having gotten to know and collaborate with the staff at MARC on some very complex cases, it is clear that they also understand and practice quality, individualized client care and treatment planning. This is so important as we now realize the prevalence of co-occurring disorders and the development of a quality continuum of care for successful addiction recovery.

Kudos to Sam Bierman and the staff at MARC for developing and implementing a much needed high quality resource for individuals and families, who are hurting and in need of addiction treatment that recognizes a “one size fits all” treatment is not effective for every individual and family.