“My son was admitted to Maryland Addiction Recovery Center in May 2017. He was suffering from drug addiction as well as an underlying psychiatric disorder. My first experience was with Caroline in admissions, who was kind, patient, answered all of my questions and provided great guidance. She arranged the admission quickly and checked on us during our travels to MARC (we travelled a long distance to get there) and was a great source of support. It was too late when we arrived to go to the treatment center, so I dropped my son off at the residences. He was treated with respect and kindness by Jason and the other TA’s. I left there feeling a sense of relief that I have not known in years.

My son was evaluated by a psychiatrist, who started him on medications immediately. He began an intensive program of individual counseling, group sessions, yoga classes, and had access to a gym. When my husband and I saw him again in two months, he looked better than he had in many years. He was alert, kept good eye contact, had gained weight, and overall looked healthy and was very clearheaded. We began biweekly family counseling sessions with his therapist Tyler, who has been absolutely amazing. He has been such a good fit for my son, and for our family, and the sessions are always enlightening and productive. Tyler is extremely insightful and compassionate and an excellent therapist.

Everyone that I have worked with at MARC has been dedicated, compassionate, intelligent and caring. Sarah is always so welcoming when we arrive. Sam Bierman has been extremely helpful and kind during our son’s stay at MARC. The program is phenomenal in its approach to addiction. MARC’s program is a long term program that treats the addiction and underlying psychiatric and emotional issues, but also supports the patient in vocational and life skills training. Each patient participates in group sessions, individual counseling, and attends meetings in the community. My son found a sponsor and sober support persons who have helped him tremendously. In the past, he was in drug treatment programs on four separate occasions. He was only there for a week each time, and resumed drug use almost immediately upon discharge.

My family and I highly recommend MARC and its recovery program. Each patient is treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. We had prepared ourselves for the worst when our loved one continued to suffer with the disease of addiction. We believe that MARC saved his life, and feel so blessed that he was able to enter this program. He is now seven months sober.”