“Last week our son marked his one-year anniversary of being clean and sober. I am filled with gratitude that my son is not only alive and healthy, but that he is happy and thriving. And that I too have found sanity and serenity. One year ago, two, three, four years ago, I could not have imagined this outcome.

Thank you for what you have created at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center. In addition to having a highly skilled and compassionate staff, MARC is an organization with integrity.

There are several things that I believe have been critical to his success in your program:

  • The necessity of long-term treatment: he did not just get sober, he learned how to create a life and to start living it; he learned that he could be both sober and happy. It took a full year for these things to happen.
  • The importance of support and continuity during transitions: from residential to halfway house, from FT IOP to step-down, getting a job, completing the recovery program. MARC and his primary therapist were constants throughout this process and that was a key to his success. We were never left on our own.
  • Developing a multi-pronged support network: the involvement and growth of our family; the involvement and reliance on AA, a sponsor and program friends.

Keep doing what you’re doing! You are changing lives. Saving lives. Let me know if I can ever be of support to the organization in terms of testimonial or reference.”

With gratitude,