“Dear Tracy, Sam, Mike, and all others who worked with our son,

I wanted to thank all of you for all you have done for our son. His transformation has been nothing short of miraculous, and I know all the staff at MARC played a crucial role in this. Your care—to him, and to us as a family—was so impressive; it is clear that all of you are entirely dedicated to the cause of treating addiction.

Since our son was asked to leave MARC he has done really well. I am not naive about the risks in the future and the lifetime burden addiction/mental illness brings, and I fear and know he will have serious obstacles ahead. But one thing is for sure: you helped him develop crucial skills to handle the issues he faces.

Ironically, his sudden release from MARC, including the dangers it brought for his recovery, made him want to prove himself more than I have ever seen in him. To date, he is respectful to us, does not badger for things, enjoys being around us (and vice versa), and he enjoys his new job. We have frequent contact, and conflict is almost entirely absent. He seems to have matured 3 years in 3 months. On his own, he located a new IOP after exploring several different clinics (his current one is not as good as MARC, he agrees, but still good), and he continues to go to AA meetings. The network he built through AA has been extremely important he tells us.

You laid the foundation for all of this. In a sense it is a bit regretful our son left MARC the way he did, but it is precisely because you held firm on everything that he does well now I think.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for your dedication and quality of care. After having had him in 5(!) different treatment facilities over the past year, I can only conclude you are lightyears beyond the rest in quality and approach.”