“I thought my life was over with my progressive self destructive behaviors so out of control. My drinking, depression and immorality had reached new lows. This was after having relapsed and being in and out of 12 step programs for years. My marriage of just 6 months certainly seemed over. My business was on the brink of complete failure. My self esteem was never more down.

I came into MARC outpatient program with no expectations but plenty of preconceived notions. Gradually and incrementally the magic of the program, the staff and tools gained took hold of my life. Suddenly at about 4 weeks into intensive outpatient my addictions were no longer as intense. I gained a connection with my peers and the staff and the miracle took hold. I followed the staffs suggestions much against what I considered ‘right’ and life completely changed for me.

My marriage was saved and I have been sober more than a year. My business is thriving and generally my entire life is nothing like it was a little over a year ago. If a person really wants to get well, is willing to follow suggestions and be completely honest, the staff and MARC process will work miracles. I cannot begin to express the level of gratitude and deep appreciation I have for the caring staff and amazing process they follow with both residential and outpatient treatment.”