If you need an addiction intervention in Maryland or any surrounding areas for a loved one, we can help. It is rare that a person facing chemical dependency and alcohol and drug addiction takes action to seek help on their own. While many may want help or even take action to seek help, it is often done in the context of family members and/or friends asking or pleading with the suffering person to find help for their issues. Many times an intervention is the best way of offering help to a person suffering from drug and alcohol issues. Trying to get help for a loved one can be confusing, time consuming and emotionally draining. Many times it can become an combative or dangerous situation if the person does not want help or thinks they do not have a problem. Therefore, it is critical to have a professional supporting you throughout this process and leading the intervention. Studies have shown that an addict or alcoholic is much more receptive to the idea of treatment for addiction if a certified addiction professional is leading the intervention process. Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we are able to help you through this process by finding you the best certified interventionist in your area, helping you find the right level of care for your loved one, and walking with you step by step helping you find the answers and solutions needed at this critical time.

For interventions needed throughout the local area (including anywhere in Maryland, DC, Virginia or Delaware), Maryland Addiction Recovery Center can offer intervention services through our own certified interventionists. The principals of MARC are nationally certified interventionists, certified under the credentials of the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists (NADAI). Information on the NADAI can be found at the organizational website In the case that one of our own people is unable to perform a needed intervention, or in situations that we feel someone more specialized is needed to perform an intervention, MARC has partnered with other local and trusted certified interventionists that can be of help at a moment’s notice. Our relationship with Don Sloane, based out of Bethesda, Maryland, has allowed us to offer those in need the skill set of one of the country’s most highly respected interventionists. Don’s information, as well as the information on his transitional living facility Bethesda House, can be found on the Partnerships page, located under the Resources tab on the web site.

For anyone needing a drug or alcohol intervention for a family member, loved one, employee or friend located outside of the local area, we work with a network of interventionists nationwide that can help you perform an intervention in your specific area and give you the best chance of getting a person in need into the best possible treatment facility for their situation. For information on some of the organizations we partner with to offer this much needed and often underutilized service, please see our Partnerships page, located under the Resources tab on the web site or call us directly at (410) 773-0500 and we will coordinate with you to speak to a certified interventionist in your area of the country who can be of assistance.

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