Anger Management and Trauma Therapy Groups


Part of the comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment paradigm at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center includes specialized groups looking at specific issues that are negatively effecting a patient’s life or process addictions they may be suffering from other than substance abuse and chemical dependency.


Anger Management

Our anger management therapy group is designed for individuals who have issues or difficulty controlling anger or for whom anger has caused numerous consequences in their lives. Inability to regulate or control anger issues often lead to more severe consequences and put people in danger of committing more violent or aggressive acts. Our anger management groups offer education and prevention in an attempt to provide those in need with coping skills and mechanisms that can be utilized in their day to day lives.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers anger management group therapy and counseling as part of our comprehensive PHP, IOP and outpatient programs.

Therapists provide counseling to:

  • Identify underlying causes and conditions of anger issues;
  • Identify and examine triggers that lead to aggression or angry outbursts and set up a plan of action that includes coping skills and mechanisms;
  • Provide alternative avenues to relieve stress and aggression and cultivate more healthy emotional reactions and responses.

Issues like anger management are often just one piece in a detailed puzzle of dual diagnosis issues and the philosophy at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is to holistically treat the patient from an individualized perspective.

Our anger management groups are led by licensed professionals and each client is assessed and evaluated before entering the group to make sure that they are appropriate for this level of care. For those potential clients that are found to be in need of a more acute or intense level of care, the staff at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center will refer them to a more suitable program.


Gender Specific Groups

Gender specific groups are utilized under the care of licensed professional counselors well versed in dual diagnosis treatment and the specific issues that often affect each gender. Gender specific groups allow men and women to deal with issues that they may feel uncomfortable discussing with the opposite gender in a group setting.

Clients are given the freedom to express themselves among a peer group dealing with similar issues and share experiences in both addiction and recovery. Gender specific groups enable patients to learn specific coping skills, identify and overcome challenges and address and set healthy boundaries. These types of groups often offer beneficial treatment in the areas of trauma and loss, relationships, family issues, work issues, sexual issues, love and intimacy issues and personal perception issues.


Trauma Groups

Trauma groups focus on those clients suffering from trauma that has become an overwhelming burden in their life, be it physical, mental or emotional. Made up only of those clients clinically assessed to be taking part in the trauma group, and guided by skilled clinicians experienced in treating trauma, these groups often are made up of clients suffering from all types of traumatic experiences.

The following are just some of the reasons a person may become traumatized:

  • Childhood trauma or Repressed trauma issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • School violence or a crime victim.
  • Sexual abuse
  • Terrorism

Trauma and the stress and consequences it causes in a person’s life are specific to the individual. No two people experience events in the same way. Therefore, treatment for trauma must be individualized and patient-centric. Psychotherapy treatment often involves creating a level of trust and safety for the client with their therapist, identifying and reviewing traumatic memories or experiences, applying new skills and adaptive understanding of trauma and creating an ongoing care plan.

While Maryland Addiction Recovery Center also offers services to help support those suffering from eating disorders, those clients that are in need of a higher level of care will be referred to a provider with expertise in the area of eating disorders

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