Ambulatory Opiate Detox

Ambulatory Medical Drug & Opiate Detoxification:


For those patients in need of detoxification from drugs and alcohol, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers a safe and comfortable medically supervised detox under the care of the center’s Medical Director. Upon entering treatment, each client is evaluated by the Medical Director to gain insight about their medical history, current use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, and detoxification needs. At that point, the client is provided treatment through the use of appropriate medication and/or referred to off-site medical specialists.

Once a client is identified as needing detox services through Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, the Medical Director will create an individualized taper schedules to meet each client’s unique needs. If there are perceived medical complications that require inpatient detoxification, our staff will arrange a seamless referral to a local hospital or center for detox. We will follow up with the client and ensure an easy transition back to our program to begin treatment subsequent to detoxification.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center utilizes Suboxone to aid clients dealing with withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction. Each client is put on a detox protocol based on their individual needs as determined by a medical and psychological assessment, addiction issues, situation and history. Additionally. for those clients deemed appropriate, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center utilizes Vivitrol to aid clients dealing with opiate addictions.

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