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Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center we value the relationships we have with our colleagues in the field and understand the need for individuals, families and communities to be educated about mental health and addiction, treatment and recovery. We believe the more education takes place, the more stigma is lessened and the more people will look and find the help they need. We have started a “Guest Blog” segment that will allow experts in field to offer their insight on a number of different topics that will educate, enlighten and begin conversation. We hope you enjoy.

One of the largest complaints from families in need of addiction help is that they have no time for substance abuse treatment.

Sure, perhaps a single member of the family needs help;  the entire family unit needs some therapy or they need to learn about nutrition, eating right and other healthy habits. However, with hectic family schedules filled with two working parents and kids with extracurricular activities, there just seems to be absolutely no time for an intensive alcohol or drug rehab treatment approach.

With so many moving parts in any family unit, it’s virtually impossible to get everyone on the same page with the same schedule and available to regular treatment or therapy sessions. Of course, the last thing that any professional or clinician wants to do is to pull everyone from their regular activities and make everyone’s schedule solely treatment focused. That’s simply not realistic. One of the most important parts of getting help with addiction is establishing a good routine. A successful substance abuse program will encouraging structure and balance to promote a healthy recovery from whatever you are struggling with in your life. That will be difficult to model if your life is constantly consumed by coming to and from treatment programs.

Developing and maintaining healthy nutritional and wellness practices is often a regular problem with those families in need of treatment. Therefore, to address this issue, we at CARA Total Wellness in Towson, Maryland designed a substance abuse counseling treatment approach to ensure that we can provide the best family addiction counseling treatment possible without disturbing their hectic busy schedules.

In addition to our flexible office hours we provide home visits in the morning, afternoon, and evening to all of our clients and their families. We get creative with our approach; we’ll meet a client for lunch during the workday or come to a family dinner at the home. We completely work around clients’ schedules so that we can provide the best treatment possible without the typical barrier of just “not having the time”.

Rachael Thomas, LCPC, is one of the founders of CARA Total Wellness, along with her partner Carolyn Wescott, RD, LDN. CARA Total Wellness is a holistic wellness practice that offers therapy, nutrition counseling and life coaching services to help both individuals and families achieve total wellness with unique in-home services to work with the busy and hectic schedules of parents and children. For more information, call (240) 621-CARA (2272), email or visit the web site at

If you or someone you know is in need of an intervention or help because of drug and/or alcohol abuse, please give us a call. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive addiction treatment in the Baltimore City, Baltimore County and entire Maryland and Washington, D.C. area. If we aren’t the best fit for you or your loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. Please give us a call at (410) 773-0500 or email our team at For more information on all of our drug addiction and alcohol addiction services and recovery resources, please visit our web site at


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