Welcome to the blog for Maryland Addiction Recovery Center! On this page of our web site, our hope is that we will offer you a regular forum where we will be able to deliver important, exciting, informative and educational content. Often that content will be the opinions of our staff on our treatment mission and philosophies, but we will also attempt to bring to you some of the important news regarding the substance abuse treatment industry. Through articles, research and studies, our own insight and experience and the insight and experience of other industry experts, we will try to bring to you all the information that is important in the discussion about substance abuse treatment, co-occurring disorders, mental health, drug and alcohol education, and any related topic.

We hope that this blog offers you information that may be hard to find. We believe that education is key. Education for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, their family members, their employers and anyone else affected by the disease of addiction and alcoholism. We will do our best to keep this page of our web site updated regularly and we hope you take part as well, offering feedback and questions. We are passionate about what we do and we hope that we can offer help and hope for anyone that is in need of our services.

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