Maryland Addiction Recovery Center: Facts, Figures, Services and Approach

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center: Facts, Figures, Services and Approach


Here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we understand that many people outside the treatment industry may be confused or misunderstand the extended care, transitional, continuum of care we offer for patients and their families. In order to stem the rising tide of addiction, the opioid and heroin epidemics and the growing number of overdose deaths in this country, we believe the most effective manner of treatment is a comprehensive, long-term holistic model that incorporates components of psychotherapy, medicine, spirituality, life skills and social management, family engagement and integration into a recovery community. We believe that this is done through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations that can create a true continuity of care for patients and their families; organizations or entities that include interventionists, individual therapists and psychiatrists, detox centers, residential and inpatient facilities and structured sober living homes.


For a better understanding of the continuum of care services that MARC offers, we’ve outlined that information below:



  • EXTENDED CARE, COMMUNITY LIVING TREATMENT (CLT) PROGRAM– We offer a 20 bed fully-staffed residential component accompanied by full day treatment. This level of care, extremely effective in the 18-35 young adult “failure to launch” population, is beneficial to anyone needing intensive treatment and a structured living environment either as extended care after an acute 28 day inpatient/residential stay or for someone that has been through several residential 30 day treatment stays and needs more of a life skills program. This is an extended care level of treatment that includes individual, group and family therapy, medical care with our Medical Director and/or staff psychiatrist (including med management for psychiatric medication and non-addictive MAT such a Vivitrol; we are a recovery-oriented program and do not subscribe to long-term maintenance of medications such as Suboxone), twice weekly sessions of personal training and yoga, nightly Twelve Step and/or SMART Recovery meetings accompanied by staff and weekend social activities including movies, miniature golf, laser tag and recovery event outings. Clients learn budgeting through shopping and cooking for themselves. After an initial blackout period, clients are encouraged and directed to go out on passes with sponsors, sponsorship family friends and other sober supports in order to engage in the local recovery community and in the on-going process of recovery. Clients move through stages of treatment in order to lessen the clinical services and begin integrating back into school, work, volunteers or vocational training in order to be fully self-supporting at discharge.


  • PHP (FULL DAY) TREATMENT– Our partial hospitalization program is a full day treatment program that occurs Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and includes individual, group, family therapy, medical/psychiatric care and personal training groups. Groups are process-oriented, focusing on underlying causes and conditions of addiction, behaviors, emotional regulation, trauma, gender issues, sexual and relationship issues, spirituality and life skills management.



  • IOP (Intensive Outpatient) TREATMENT– We have two IOP programs, a day program and an evening program. The day IOP program begins at 5 days a week and transitions clients through a step down model from 5 to 4 to 3 days a week. The evening IOP program for working professionals is 3 nights a week. We have 5 day groups (9am-12pm) and 3 evening groups (6pm-9pm) that offer flexibility for clients schedules and every IOP client also receives weekly individual sessions with their primary therapist. As a program, our IOP consists of group, individual and family therapy and medical care.


  • AMBULATORY OPIATE DETOX– To aid in combating the growing opioid epidemic, we offer an ambulatory, outpatient medically-supervised opiate detoxification. Utilizing Suboxone on a short-term, detox protocol, clients are able to see our doctors and be weaned off opiates using medication. Timelines of detox are individualized, as each client’s history of use is different and therefore best practices dictate MARC doctors must determine treatment course at time of initial evaluation (this could means 7-10 days or several weeks for clients using strictly opiates to a slower taper over several weeks or months for those clients that have been on several years of Suboxone maintenance). All clients coming to us for detox must also be enrolled in treatment in order to access detox services. Once off all opioids and Suboxone for the recommended period of time, we will also often utilize Vivitrol injections for appropriate clients.



  • STAFF– MARC offers a staff fully versed in dual diagnosis addiction treatment. Our clinical staff consists of our Executive Director, Clinical Director and five other full time Master’s Level primary therapists. Our medical staff consists of our board certified psychiatrist and nurse practitioner. Our Director of Admissions is a licensed addictions counselor. We have a 15 person full time 24-hour residential staff. Finally, we employ a yoga instructor and a personal trainer.


  • MISSION– It is the mission of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center to provide a safe, caring and therapeutic environment for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We offer patients and their families a comprehensive customized and individualized treatment approach that promotes long-term recovery and provides the tools necessary to reconstruct their lives free from alcohol and drugs.


If you or someone you know is in need of help because of drug and/or alcohol abuse or addiction, please give us a call. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment in the Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area. If we aren’t the best fit for you or your loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. Please give us a call at (410) 773-0500 or email our team at Contact us today. For more information on all of our drug addiction and alcohol addiction services and recovery resources, please visit our web site at




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