Letters from the Founders

  Letter from the Founders


As the founders of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we feel a passion for offering a high quality of treatment to those in need. As             three people in recovery ourselves, we feel we’ve created a unique, innovative treatment program combining our experience in personal       recovery and working in the field of treatment. Treatment for alcohol and substance abuse must offer a paradigm for the patient that             includes medical, therapeutic and social work services to combine into a single treatment approach that is individualized for each                   patient. Addiction treatment cannot be a “one size fits all” approach. We believe in meeting each individual patient where they are at,             customizing addiction treatment programs based on the three essential elements listed above, and walking with them through their               personal journey of recovery, breaking down barriers and giving each person the opportunity to recreate their lives and live clean and           sober.

We have created a treatment model that combines evidenced based treatment with innovate treatment interventions. At Maryland                 Addiction Recovery Center we promote a comprehensive long-term treatment plan which leads to sustainable growth and long term             recovery.

We wholeheartedly believe in the necessity to include family members or significant others in the treatment process. As a person with           addiction suffers mentally, emotionally and spiritually, often so does their family. Creating a treatment center that focuses on the family       as well as the patient was one of our main purposes for creating Maryland Addiction Recovery Center. Addiction is highly regarded as             having a poor success rate for long-term recovery, but that does not have to be the case, especially when a family is involved with a               patient’s treatment. Addiction is a disease and it is a family disease. Even if the person suffering does not want help, we offer services             that can help the family to recover. Everyone needs to be on the same page to have the highest potential for a person with substance             abuse and/or alcohol issues to return to health and recover from addiction.

As the founders of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, we have all gone through our own personal journey with substance abuse and         having come out the other side, there is nothing that we are more passionate about than helping those still suffering and offering the             best evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction that is available. High quality treatment must be made available for a                 patient and there family. We have created this center for just that reason.

The journey of recovery begins with quality treatment that educates and enlightens both the patient and their family to the problems             and the solutions of drug and alcohol addiction. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers a customized, individualized, evidence-               based treatment for substance abuse that will allow the patient and their family to gain the necessary skills to recreate their lives and live a   long, fulfilling life clean and sober.

     Aura Arslanian, Sam Bierman & Zach Snitzer


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