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Corinne Burnett Steps into New Role as MARC Trauma Recovery Specialist

Corinne Burnett

We are pleased to announce that clinician Corinne Burnett, LCSW-C, has officially accepted the new role of Trauma Recovery Specialist on the clinical team at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center. A member of the MARC team since 2015 as a Primary Therapist, Corinne Burnett officially moved into her new trauma-focused clinical role on June 3rd.


“I am so excited for the opportunity to support MARC patients and staff in this way,” Corinne Burnett said regarding her new role as MARC’s Trauma Recovery Specialist. Trauma specific modalities can be increasingly effective in treating individuals suffering from addiction, and I love sharing new ideas with a passionate team of clinicians. I’m looking forward to spending even more time tailoring trauma treatment to our patients, be it through brainspotting, EMDR, experiential groups, yoga, or movement.”


Evidence shows that there is a present and increasing role of trauma for that that suffer from addiction and substance use disorders, and the correlation is particularly strong between trauma and substance misuse in the young adult population. Numerous studies demonstrate the connection between childhood trauma and addiction. With the increasing need to address addiction alongside trauma through trauma-informed care, Corinne’s new role will be to work in conjunction with MARC’s primary therapists to deliver trauma-specific services to the patients and their family members in need of such supportive clinical care.


Corinne will use her extensive experience, education, and training to support the MARC patient population in different trauma-informed treatment modalities. Some of those approaches include experiential and expressive therapies, psychodrama, EMDR, and brainspotting in both individual therapy sessions and trauma-focused group therapy. Corinne is also a certified yoga nidra practitioner and holds certifications to practice trauma-informed yoga, which she will also incorporate into her new role.


In this new trauma-focused role on the MARC clinical team, Corinne will provide both direct services and ongoing consultation with the MARC team of primary therapists as needed, while working with MARC Clinical Director Dr. Jennifer Richards, PsyD., to identify patients in need of increased trauma treatment support or clinical interventions. The Trauma Recovery Specialist position will continue to support MARC treatment services for patients receiving addiction or co-occurring disorder treatment, while monitoring and evaluating the quality and appropriateness of trauma-informed patient care at MARC. This will include identifying barriers which may be interfering with patients obtaining maximum benefit from treatment, providing general or specialized therapy and counseling services to patients and their families as needed to maintain or restore highest level of functioning and quality of life while in treatment, and work in conjunction with Clinical Director Dr. Jennifer Richards to assess and modify trauma-specific programming on a reoccurring basis.


“Corinne has been an invaluable part of the clinical team at MARC for nearly six years,” explained Dr. Jennifer Richards, MARC Clinical Director. “Over the past three years, she has immersed herself in trauma-specific trainings, including EMDR, brainspotting, trauma-informed yoga, and experiential therapies. In her new role, Corinne will offer individual and group-based trauma recovery services to identified patients and coordinate the delivery of trauma-specific interventions amongst the primary trained to utilize these methods. I am incredibly proud to have Corinne on my team and to see her vision, which will undoubtably enhance the clinical experience of MARC patients, become a reality.”


Having Corinne move into her new role of Trauma Recovery Specialist will continue to position Maryland Addiction Recovery Center to be able to offer the latest in evidence-based clinical services, as well as continue to keep MARC on the forefront of the changing landscape of addiction treatment approaches. By creating a specific trauma-informed position on the clinical team, it will further support MARC’s ability to treat patients suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders, but also further offer enhanced services to treat the underlying causes and conditions of a patient’s addiction and support them in long-term recovery from both substance use disorder and trauma.


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