Community Living Treatment Program

MARC’s Community Living Treatment Program:


Maryland Addiction Recovery Center (“MARC”) offers a full continuum of care for anyone suffering from addiction, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders. Whether in need of structured aftercare following a 30-day inpatient or community living treatment stay or a step up in treatment intensity of a traditional outpatient treatment program, MARC’s Community Living Treatment Program model offers a full clinical continuum of care along with a comprehensive community living environment. This model offers patients and their families the most comprehensive addiction treatment in order to support a lifetime of sustainable recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Extended Care Treatment

_0000_New Office 3MARC’s Extended Care treatment is a Community Living Treatment model that combines the latest clinical modalities, evidence-based therapies, and 12-Step principles. Patients receive treatment at MARC’s clinical campus, where they take part in holistic and comprehensive treatment in the form of individual, group, and family therapy, intensive case management, and a unique vocational/educational program. Each patient receives Individualized treatment through an assigned Master’s level Primary Therapist, along with additional individual and group treatment with a focus on trauma, gender specific issues, family dynamics, process addictions and spirituality. Patients also deal with medical and psychiatric issues through MARC’s Medical Director and medical staff, with a holistic focus to medical issues related to addiction and mental health. Family-focused treatment programs, Vocational/Educational programs, community-driven programs and structured living programs combine to offer a fully comprehensive treatment approach to the disease of addiction for every patient and their family at MARC.

Vocational/Educational Component

_0000_New Office 3Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers a uniquely beneficial vocational/educational program for each patient in treatment. Addiction is a disease that touches all aspects of a person’s life. One of the biggest obstacles many patients face is dealing with a life that has been knocked off course by drugs and alcohol. This is especially true of the young adult population. MARC’s Vocational/Educational Program helps patients identify life goals and attain achievable results, such as enrolling or re-enrolling into school, changing careers, and identifying new job or career goals while finding a personalized path to a productive and fulfilling life. Patients also learn basic skills, such as resume building, job interviewing skills, professional strengths and weaknesses, appropriate workplace communication, and relationship and education/vocational reintegration.

Community Living

drug treatment center bedroomDuring MARC’s extended care treatment program, as well as while stepping down through phases of treatment, patients live in a fully staffed, structured non-institutional community living setting. Patients live together, forming bonds and comradery within the community. This setting supports patient responsibility through peer-to-peer accountability. The community living setting, staffed 24/7 with MARC Therapeutic Assistants (TA’s), offers a structured level of care where patients are able to learn important life skills outside of the clinical environment. Examples of these skills include introduction and engagement in the 12 Step community through meetings, fellowship and sponsorship, nutrition and cooking education, respectable hygiene, and community participation in keeping a well maintained and organized community home. Structured community living allows patients the support and care they need while working through substance abuse as well as behavioral and emotional issues.

Benefits of the MARC Community Living Treatment Model

_0000_New Office 3There is nothing more beneficial to a person suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism than a long term, phase model of treatment that allows a patient the importance of clinical work but also the ability to transition back into everyday living. MARC’s Community Living Treatment program offers patients a full continuum of care where they step through phases of treatment, learning the necessary tools and skills to achieve a lifetime of sustainable recovery. Patients are challenged clinically using the best treatment approaches and modalities while also having the ability to connect with those in recovery outside of treatment, form important beneficial relationships, chart a life course in education, or work and reestablish important family connections. Studies have shown that recovery outcomes skyrocket the longer a patient engages with a substance abuse treatment program or professional. MARC’s Community Living Treatment Program allows for this vital extended engagement, while also allowing intensive family involvement in treatment as well as the necessary freedom for a patient to stumble or struggle while in a safe, caring and therapeutic clinical setting. It is MARC’s purpose to offer the most comprehensive addiction treatment services that support the best recovery outcomes for both patients and their families.

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