DEA 2015 Drug Assessment

Current DEA Drug Abuse Statistics: The Addiction Problem is Growing


Last Wednesday, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) released their latest drug threat assessment. This assessment, prepared and released each year by the DEA, provides up-to-date look at current challenges local communities across the country face related to drug abuse and drug trafficking.


One of the most horrifying trends is the upswing in overdose deaths taking place around the country. The assessment found that drug overdose deaths are the leading cause of injury death in the United States, meaning that overdoses outrank motor vehicle accidents and firearm deaths. More than 46,000 people died in the United States from drug overdoses in 2013. Of that reported number, more than half of those 46,000 were due to prescription painkillers and heroin.


Additionally, the assessment found that the availability of heroin is up nationwide. More people are abusing heroin, more heroin overdoses are occurring and the result of that is that more people are dying as a result of heroin overdoses. What may be even worse, is that since 2002 more overdose and drug deaths are due to prescription drug abuse than heroin and cocaine.


Communities both local and nationally have begun to attempt to respond. Addiction and overdose deaths has been a focus during the current presidential election and local communities in Maryland are mobilizing in order to begin to break the addiction stigma and help people overcome addiction. Town hall meetings, bills in local legislature and foundations raising money to aid those in search of substance abuse treatment in Maryland are becoming more regular. The Baltimore Sun regularly features articles on addiction treatment, drug education and prevention. However, with a local and nationwide epidemic, little has been done to create more substance abuse treatment programs or rehabs in Baltimore or throughout the state.


The DEA’s most recent Drug Threat Assessment basically just reinforced what anyone who watches the news or reads the paper already knew: That the drug problem in America is growing and that too many people are losing their lives and too many families are being impacted by addiction and substance abuse. DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg was stated as saying, in response to the report, “We must reach young people at an even earlier age and teach them about its (drugs) many dangers and horrors.”


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